Manifesting For Beginners Masterclass


Learn a Simple 3-step Formula for Beginner Manifestors That Get You MORE of What You Want and Gives Specific Techniques to Make Your Results EASIER and QUICKER, WITHOUT Having to Create a Vision Board, in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day!

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Jerica Glasper presents..

Manifesting for Beginners 101 Masterclass:

The Art of Getting What You Want and Becoming More of Who You Are

There is a level of freedom through conscious creation and awareness available to you that you probably aren't aware of (yet!). It goes beyond the bounds of this physical reality into a higher plane of consciousness, which you can access at will. In this realm, all things are possible, including the fulfillment of your desires (which you are already one with).


By using the power of your imagination, plus practicing the art of feeling your desires to be real, and not allowing the evidence of your 5 senses or the outer world to distract you, you will discover that you can be, do and have whatever you want.  


The first step is to understand that there are universal laws and methods that you must use to activate your divine power in order to become a natural manifestor. Once you do, you'll be able to uncover the truth that mainstream society doesn't talk about or fully tap in to.... that you are a limitless, powerful spiritual being. 


Applying what you learn in this manifesting 101 training will allow you to see that you have much more control over what comes into your life than you've realized and that you can control the speed at which change occurs for yourself (and others!).


Once you learn how to tap into this realm of conscious creation and awareness, you will become a co-creator of your own destiny with ease, fun and joy! 

Presented by Jerica Charisma Glasper

Life + Business Manifestation Mentor

Founder of Manifest Your YES™ Coaching

In this 2-hour video training + Q&A with Manifesting Mentor Jerica, you'll learn:

  • The do’s and don’ts of manifesting 

  • The #1 key that makes ALL manifestations work (truth bomb: it’s NOT the law of attraction

  • Why your vision board failed and what to do to easily fix it

  • A practical way to understand that imagination creates reality and how to test it for yourself 

  • How to identify and change beliefs and unconscious patterns that block manifestations

  • Get crystal clarity and confidence about WHO you truly are and what you REALLY WANT in all areas of your life

  • 5 manifesting techniques that will turbocharge your abilities and that you can practice in under 10 minutes a day!

  • 5 powerful emotions that attract great things…  and 5 negative emotions you'll want to avoid... plus an easy technique to tap into the positive, "attractor emotions"

  • A simple method for profound manifestations for your loved ones and perfect strangers, without them believing a thing 

  • PLUS, the recorded Q & A with Jerica Glasper at the end is included where she answers manifesting questions!

*Disclaimer: While the topics covered can be interpreted many different ways, this class is based off of Jerica's personal experiences, client successes and concepts taught by Neville Goddard and Wayne Dyer.*


*This class is non-refundable and does not guarantee results; nor is it a replacement for professional advice.

Hear what past clients and industry experts have to say about working with Jerica

"Hopping on a call with Jerica was one of the most DIVINELY aligned things I've done.


She gave me clarity on narrowing down the action steps that I know I should be doing...


I was blown away by her openness and her generosity, as well as her inspiring demeanor. She truly is a luminary woman."

Maria Tan

Communications Expert & Author

"Jerica is a powerful blend of vitality, wisdom, leadership and ACTION.


Her vision for women's empowerment is timely and I know she will help you achieve your goals.


Working with her is refreshing and inspiring and I LOVE how quickly she implements and gets results.


If you work with her, you will too, because her energy is contagious!"

Kylie Slavik

Storytelling Coach + Copywriter

"Jerica is an empowered woman who empowers women...

Jerica is patient, kind, savvy and such a wonderful resource for women to get their voices heard. 


Thank you so much Jerica for doing exactly what you do.

You are a gift to women, and I know you are here to help many!!"


Founder of Goddess Code Academy

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