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Today's enrollment price is just $97/month.

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  • LIVE Monthly Mentorship - 3 Calls Per Month & Real-time Coaching Experience

    Attend three (3) online manifesting and mindset classes per month for 60 minutes each with Coach Jerica Glasper and/or special guest experts. Calls conclude with a Q&A. Attending the Affirmative Prayer & Gratitude Open Call is totally optional.

  • Manifesting Lessons Library

    Gain 24/7 access to recordings, focused exercises, prompts and tools for change, designed to help you get more out of every prayer, affirmation, visualization, scripting, meditation and conscious use of your creative imagination to manifest your desires.

  • Access to Private Community & Forum

    You'll gain access to a sacred, non-judgement high vibe tribe community with real-time support from Jerica Glasper and her team, as well as like-minded members, where you'll make life-long connections.

  • Exclusive savings on classes

    Gain exclusive savings on classes taught by Jerica at a non-published special rate, while you are an active member. (where applicable)


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